EBSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee /indigenes and non indigenes

EBSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee /indigenes and non indigenes ,EBSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee /indigenes and non indigenes ,EBSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee /indigenes and non indigenes
EBSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee /indigenes and non indigenes ,EBSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee /indigenes and non indigenes ,EBSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee /indigenes and non indigenes 
EBSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee /indigenes and non indigenes,EBSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee /indigenes and non indigenes EBSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee /indigenes and non indigenes

EBSU school fees acceptance fee for fresh & returning students/indigenes and non indigenes |hostel accommodation fee

The EbonyWe state university nicknamed EBSU came into existence in 1999, which makes it one of the newest state university in Nigeria.

Located in one of the south Eastern states of Nigeria, there are many reasons you should consider The EbonyWe state university as your preferred institution when filling your jamb form online.

one of such reasons is because EBSU offers you a broad and balance education system, your rights as a student are guaranteed. In fact there has not been any record of violence, extortion or any bad news about EBSU

As at today EBSU has about 12 departments in fact it is on record that most departments and faculties were put in place to checkmate the problem posed by Guinea worm and other viral diseases.

Now that you have decided to study in the EbonyWe state university (EBSU) it is important also that you take into consideration how much you are going to spend through out your stay in the university,we all know that universities are rum with money without proper funding from state government and from student they are likely to shutdown.

EBSU School Fees Schedule For Fresh Indigenes & Non-Indigenous Students Academic Session

Animal Science88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Agric Economics and Extension88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Soil Science and Environmental Management88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Fishery and Aqua Culture88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
English Language and Literature88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
History and International Relation88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Philosophy and Religion88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Language and Linguistic88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
School of Basic Medical Sciences88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Medicine and Surgery88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Applied Microbiology88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Applied Biology88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
School of Clinical Sciences88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Art and Social Education88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Business Education88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Educational Foundation88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Guidance and Counselling88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Home Economic Education88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Political Science88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Mass Communication88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Sociology and Anthropology88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Banking and Finance88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Business Management88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Public Administration88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Geology and Exploration88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Computer Science88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Industrial Chemistry88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Industrial Mathematics88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Medical Science and Laboratory88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000
Nursing Science88,000128,00012,00022,000100,000150,000

EbonyWe state University (EBSU) Acceptance Fee Payment & Registration Procedure for Newly Admitted Candidates

Just like every other schools in Nigeria the EbonyWe state university will also ask you to pay an acceptance fee, don’t be scared you don’t need to break the bank just to pay only acceptance fee.

The EbonyWe state university acceptance is 30,000 naira only, apart from that you also need like 315 which will be use to process it.

Now follow this step to below to pay your acceptance fee:

  • First visit www.ebsu.edu.ng/app, you need to confirm your admission status first to be sure your name is on the admission list, do that by clicking on check admission status
  • Now move to the second phase, by creating an account here https://www.ebsu.edu.ng/portal
  • You have to indicate that you are a newly admitted student by click on New student under student type, input your jamb registration num.

Once you are logged in, try and update your profile, the next line of action should be:

  1. generate an invoice ( click on acceptance fee and click on acceptance invoice)
  2. Rush to the bank to pay. Don’t forget to log back to print your receipt.

EbonyWe state university ( EBSU) hostel accommodation fee

We have no information about EBSU hostel accommodation fee for now, you need visit the student affairs unit for more information.


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