How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 Guide to Upgrade Your JAMB Score

How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 Guide to Upgrade Your JAMB Score ,How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 Guide to Upgrade Your JAMB Score ,How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 Guide to Upgrade Your JAMB Score

How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 Guide to Upgrade Your JAMB Score ,How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 Guide to Upgrade Your JAMB Score ,How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 Guide to Upgrade Your JAMB Score


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How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 – Did you write the 2023 JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and had a low JAMB score (result)? Do you want to upgrade your JAMB result. If yes, this article is meant for you. See how to upgrade JAMB result 2023 and more details below. Read on!

This website was created solely for catering for the needs of Nigerian students and not a platform where scammers (dubious people) meet to miss lead the great Nigerian students.

We have discovered that certain scammers are targeting candidates of the 2023 JAMB UTME, and they are claiming to help upgrade CBT scores to 250, 280, 300 and above with the help of JAMB officials, which is pure lies.

Before we proceed to discuss how you can upgrade your JAMB score (result) 2023, first let us address some good reasons why students fail JAMB.

Some Good Reasons Why Students Fail JAMB

1. Failure to Follow the Syllabus

JAMB syllabus has been a veritable tool in the hand of students seeking admission into higher institutions. Research has shown that 90 per cent of those that excel in Jamb are those who study the syllables comprehensively.

We strongly recommend all candidates to have a take a look at the syllabus for every subject they registered for. Pay attention to the subjects you’re anticipated to master and let them guide your studies.

This way, you’ll spend no time reading things that are irrelevant to the examination. Many students have recorded successes in their UME exams because of the adamant study of the syllable.

2. Laisez-faire Attitude Towards Brochure

The syllables have been a helpful tool, but many students have disputed the fact that the brochure is another veritable tool for which students can use to scale through the hurdles of a jamb.

Students preparing for UTME have neglected the study of the brochure.  Some register to study a course blindly which may not be offered by their choice university.

Candidates are advised to study the brochure carefully before filling the jamb online registration slip. This will also be a guide on a way to fill the JAMB utility form, help you in making a perfect preference for the courses you are intellectually suited to.

3. Poor Study Habits

The word student only comes from the word study. You may follow the brochure and strictly adhere to the registration processes of JAMB, but the truth remains that academic excellent solely depends on the vehement study of your textbooks and other recommended books in the syllables.

The ultimate thing to do while preparing for UME exams is to study. A good number of students give the excuse of being so busy, hitherto they can’t study.

No matter the tight schedule of a candidate, it is advisable for a candidate to create time for effective studies.  It will also be advantageous for a candidate to enrol in extra-moral classes.

4. Failure to Register JAMB in Time

Time waits for no man- is a popular adage. Tick says the clock tick tick is another adage. The fact that Jamb offers enough time for its registration is not a ground for candidates to register late for the exams.

Procrastinating to register on time has caused a whole lot of failure in the JAMB UTME examinations.

Here is how late registration affects candidates:

  • Candidates are given unconducive/unequipped centres.
  • Some are slated for rural areas for the exams and guess what!
  • These can cause candidates to fail.

5. Lack of Speed

Candidates who apply speed in the exams do emerge successfully. JAMB UME examination is not an exam for babies, but for mature minds, who are ready to face the other world of the university.

The examiners give a very limited time of about 40 minutes. However, this time waits for no, man as it ticks every second.

Don’t forget:

You can’t pause the time to do one thing or the order, like having a convenient or answering to the attendance. The time goes very fast and stops automatically for everyone. Whether you came to the exam venue late.

Did you know that intelligent students still fail Jamb? Yes! Not because they are not intelligent, but because they do not apply speed.

How to Upgrade 2023 JAMB Result (Score)

Just like every other examination, some candidates will score high, while others will be left, praying for a few more points to reach their respective schools cut off marks.

Concerning the issue of how you can upgrade your low JAMB score to a higher one, we have to let you that it is impossible. You cannot have your JAMB result or JAMB score upgraded.

One can visit JAMB office to complain if he/she thinks he/she deserved to score more. One can even request that his/her exam script be re-marked to see if the scores will improve. This is a legitimate attempt to upgrade your JAMB score.

JAMB candidates who participated in the last conducted JAMB examination are to know that the upgrading of JAMB result is a scam. Candidates should refrain from it as it will be a waste of money and time.

No matter which point you look at it, it still looks and smells like a scam, even though the posters always claim that the message is coming “direct from Jamb Office Abuja.”

Example of Such Message and Post

“Call:_081**1288*0 For help on how to upgrade your result to 250 and above.”

“This message is direct from Jamb Office Abuja. So Call 081**1288*0 now to score above 250 and for checking and upgrading of score, Pending Results Issues call jamb head office on 081**1288*0 for help,” the Facebook notice posted on the 9th by one Prof-Oboh Andrew read.

We also discovered another person, this time around, using the popular commenting service, disqus, with the name ‘United Bank’ to offered this same services.

Here’s their exact Post:

“As i am talking to you right now, my jamb score has been upgraded to 251, thanks to this man, Mr. Johnson. i would also love to inform my friends, that they can also get an upgrade score just call him now. you can call his number +15**225*1”

Not to mention other comments like this, which are all lies!

There are so many people claiming to be JAMB officials, saying that they can upgrade your JAMB result or score for you, but never fall a victim of this. It is a Scam

Please be guided accordingly…


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  • 2023 Registration Date
  • JAMB Subject Combination for Online Registration
  • Top 13 Things to Do Before Preparing for JAMB

We have been able to inform you about how to upgrade 2023 JAMB result. This is so you can completely avoid them. If this article was helpful, please don’t hesitate to share.


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How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 Guide to Upgrade Your JAMB Score ,How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 Guide to Upgrade Your JAMB Score ,How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 Guide to Upgrade Your JAMB Score

How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 Guide to Upgrade Your JAMB Score ,How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 Guide to Upgrade Your JAMB Score ,How to Upgrade JAMB Result 2023 Guide to Upgrade Your JAMB Score

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