JAMB Physics Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions

JAMB Physics Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions ,JAMB Physics Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions ,JAMB Physics Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions

JAMB Physics Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions ,JAMB Physics Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions ,JAMB Physics Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions


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JAMB Physics Questions 2021: In this examination guide, I will be showing you past JAMB Physics random repeated questions for free. Stay on this page to get them. You will also understand how JAMB Physics questions are set and many other examination details. Continue reading!

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts entrance examinations for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

One of the reasons why students find physics very difficult is that cramming the formula alone will not help. You need to understand how the formula works and whether it is applicable to the questions asked.

All candidates need to understand that Physics requires accurate thinking and focus. For example, if a question is asked that a car starts from rest, it simply means that the initial velocity equals zero (U=0).

You don’t have to be given the initial velocity in the question. Just apply the appropriate equation of motion and you are home and dry. Now when a car comes to rest, what will be equal to zero? certainly the final velocity.

Before I give you the link to download the JAMB Physics past questions, let me quickly introduce you to what to expect in the JAMB Physics this year.

What JAMB Sets in Physics

You don’t need to read everything in your Physics textbook. See the areas Jamb focus on below. Expect questions from the following areas:

  • How to analyze Newton’s Laws of motion
  • How to solve machine related questions.
  • Mirrors and Lens
  • Transformers
  • Nuclear Physics

JAMB Physics number of questions – You might also want to find out how many number of questions to be set in Physics. You will be required to answer a maximum of 50 questions.

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Sample Questions

1. A satellite is in a parking orbit if its period is

A. More than the period of the earth

B. Equal to the period of the earth

C. The square of the period of the earth

D. Less than the period of the earth

2. What does not drop through an open umbrella of silk material unless the inside of the umbrella is touched

A. Osmotic pressure

B. Capillarity

C. Surface tension

D. Viscosity

3. A bead travelling on a straight wire is brought to rest at 0.2m by friction. If the mass of the bead is 0.01kg and the coefficient of friction between the bead and the wire is 0.1, determine the work done by the friction

A. 2 x 10-3J

B. 2 x 102J

C. 2 x 10-4J

D. 2 x 101J [g= 10ms-2]

4. The stylus of a phonograph record exerts a force of 77. x 10-2N on a groove of radius 10-5m. Compute the pressure exerted by the stylus on the groove.

A. 2.42 x 109 Nm-2

B. 4.90 x 108Nm-2

C. 2.45 x 108Nm-2

D. 3.45 x 108Nm-2

5. A piece of stone attached to one end of a string is whirled round in a horizontal circle and the string suddenly cuts. The stone will fly off in a direction.

A. Tangential to the circular path

B. perpendicular to the circular path

C. Towards the centre of the circle

D. Parallel to the circular path.

More Sample Questions

6. A test tube of radius 1.0cm is loaded to 8.8g. If it is placed upright in the water, find the depth to which it would sink.

A. 25.2 cm

B. 2.8 cm

C. 28.0 cm

D. 5.2 cm [g = 10ms-2 density of water 1 000kgm-3].

7. A 90cm uniform lever has a load of 30N suspended at 15cm from one of its ends. If the fulcrum is at the center of gravity, the force that must be applied at its other end to keep it in horizontal equilibrium is

A. 20 N

B. 30 N

C. 60 N

D. 15 N

8. On top of a spiral spring of force constant 500 Nm-1 is placed a mass of 5 x 10-3kg. If the spring is compressed downwards by a length of 0.02m and then released, calculate the height to which the mass is projected

A. 2 m

B. 8 m

C. 1 m

D. 4 m

9. A hose of cross-sectional area 0.5m2 is used to discharge water from a water tank at a velocity of 60ms-1 in the 20s into a container. If the container is filled completely, the volume of the container is

A. 600 m3

B. 6 000 m3

C. 240 m3

D. 2 400 m3

10. A force of 100N is used to kick a football of mass 0.8kg. Find the velocity with which the ball moves if it takes 0.8s to be kicked.

A. 100ms-1

B. 32ms-1

C. 50ms-1

C. 64ms-1


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JAMB Repeated Physics Questions Today and Answers

1:- the velocity ratio of an inclined plane is


2:- where must an object be placed in front of the concave mirror so that the image will be formed between the centre of curvature and the focus

CORRECT ANSWER = beyond the centre

3:- optical instruments do NOT employ the principle of linear magnification in their operations rather they use

CORRECT ANSWER = angular magnification

4:- the force of attraction between two masses m1 and m2 separated at a distance 2r is given as


5:- the condition for resonance to occur in an R-L-C serves circuit is


6:- calculate the work done if a force of 10N applied at an angle of 30 0 to the horizontal moves the body through a distance of 0.05m


7:- the expression for electric potential (V) is


8:- a solid weighs 10.5N in air and weighs 5.5N when immersed in a liquid of density 900kgm-3, calculate the volume of the solid

CORRECT ANSWER = 5.56 x 10 -4 m 3

9:- during dispersion, colours of light

CORRECT ANSWER = travel at different speeds

10:- convert 180 0F to 0C


See More

11:- the bean balance is used to measure


12:- the diagram above represents four identical beakers of water with some droplets of a blue colour pigment. Which of them will have a faster rate of diffusion?


13:- a thick glass tumbler cracks when hot water is poured into it because of

CORRECT ANSWER = uneven expansion

14:- the point M in the diagram above is in stable equilibrium with

CORRECT ANSWER = minimum potential energy

15:- the charge stored by a 5F capacitor connected to a potential difference of 40V is


16:- the dissociation of salt solution and acids into ions is known as

CORRECT ANSWER = electrolysis

17:- the resultant of two parallel forces acting in the same direction applied to a block of wood will be


18:- from the above the induced e.m.f depends on


19:- how much current does a 120W light bulb draw when connected to a voltage of 240?


20:- from the above diagram the effective resistance between P and Q is


Continue Reading

21:- a semi-conductor with an equal number of holes and electron is known as

CORRECT ANSWER = intrinsic semi-conductor

22:- which of the following is CORRECT about the motion of a simple pendulum?

CORRECT ANSWER = potential energy is maximum at the extremes

23:- in the vibration of stretched strings, the frequency F and the tension T are related by

CORRECT ANSWER = f & square root T)

24:- from the diagram above, the pressure acting on the trapped air is


25:- light energy E is expressed as


26:- the ejection of an electron from the surface of a

CORRECT ANSWER = thermionic emission

27:- where does refraction take place?

CORRECT ANSWER = at the boundary between

28:- ten 6V cells connected in parallel will give an effective e.m.f of


29:- vapour is said to be saturated when

CORRECT ANSWER = in a dynamic equilibrium

30:- a lagged calculator is suitable for measuring heat energy because it

CORRECT ANSWER = prevents heat loss and gain

31:- a wire carries a current of 3.0A with a magnetic field of 2.0T at an angle of 30 0. calculate the force on a segment of wire 0.5m


More Questions and Answers

32:- which method of heat transfer is electro-magnetic in nature?

CORRECT ANSWER = radiation

33:- a light of 6.22eV is incident on a cadmium surface. If a stopping voltage of 2.15eV is required to reduce the photocurrent to zero, calculate the work function of the cadmium


34:- from the diagram above, calculate F


35:- which of the following exhibits a wave motion?

CORRECT ANSWER = a plucked stretched string

36:- a stone weighs W1 Newton in air W2 Newton in water. The relative density of the stone is


37:- why do pressure pots cook food faster than other conventional pots?

CORRECT ANSWER = its higher pressure

38:- a string of length 0.06m is acted upon by a force of 2N creating an extension of 0.02m. What would be the length when the applied force is increased by 8N?


39:- when a bar magnet is suspended freely in the earth’s magnetic field, it will point to

CORRECT ANSWER = north-south direction

40:- the point where a ball moving in a viscous liquid start to move with uniform velocity is

CORRECT ANSWER = terminal velocity

Click here to Download Complete JAMB Physics Questions.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers

1. Where can I get JAMB Physics Questions?

Ans = it is usually rare to find JAMB questions. Luckily for you, we have it available on our site. Go through this post to see it.

2. Are these the real JAMB expo questions?

Ans =  No! There is no such thing as JAMB Physics expo questions. The questions above are randomly repeated past questions.

3. Can I get these questions in PDF format?

Ans = Yes, you can. Contact us and drop your name and email address in the comment box below.

If you need us to feed you with more updated information at the right time about JAMB Physics Questions 2021, kindly provide us with any of your contact details in the comment box below.

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JAMB Physics Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions ,JAMB Physics Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions ,JAMB Physics Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions

JAMB Physics Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions ,JAMB Physics Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions ,JAMB Physics Questions 2021 Check Randomly Repeated Questions

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