JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now!

JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now! ,JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now! ,JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now!
JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now! ,JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now! ,JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now! 
JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now!,JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now! JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now!

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JAMB Questions and Answers! Are the real CBT JAMB 2024 exam questions really out? JAMB UTME CBT Questions 2024 is now available on our website for downloads. Scroll down to check the exposed random repeated questions. Also, SUBSCRIBE for exam answers ALERT notifications.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts entrance examinations for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

However, as we usually perform in previous years, we believe that action speaks louder than words. For the past years, we have been helping many students achieve their desired scores in UTME screening exercise and 2024 will not be an exception.

Before we go into the main event, you should know a little bit about Jamb CBT exams.

About Jamb CBT Exams

On the 9th day of April 2015, the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) imprinted a landmark in its 37-year history by beginning the first total Computer-Based Test (CBT).

Though CBT was introduced in 2013, it was not made compulsory. In the past, candidates wrote the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) using the Paper-Pencil Test (PPT).

But in 2015, all the 1.47 million candidates, including inmates and the visually impaired, would take the exams via CBT.

Before CBT Came

In the year 1976, there were 13 universities in the country, and these institutions of learning conducted varying entrance examinations with no particular structure in place.

This meant that a candidate could sit for the examination of all the universities if the time and resources permitted.

Moved by the uncoordinated system, the committee of vice-chancellors clamored for a unified body to supervise pre-varsity examination and this led to the birth of JAMB in 1977.

Pencil and Paper Malpractice History

After the establishment of JAMB, the body successfully coordinated University Matriculation Examination (UME), Polytechnic/Colleges of Education Matriculation Examination (PCE) for more than 30 years.

However, the examinations were merged in 2010 and the board began administering the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Emergency (UTME).

One of JAMB’s most unending challenges has been examination malpractice, and it has led to frequent cancellation of results.

As the number of candidates continued to spiral, the applicants began to outweigh resources, resulting in the evolution of “special centres”.

This era witnessed a trend highlighted by pupils traveling to remote areas to write exams under little or no supervision. Some got answers before examination and many also came to the examination centers with malpractice materials.

Others paid their way through. Some candidates who scored as high as 300 of 400 in the examination found it difficult to survive in top class universities, thus eroding public confidence in the board.

At the peak of the distrust in 2005, the minister of education at the time, introduced the post-UME examination for a second testing of pupils who had passed the UME or PCE.

In a way, this defeated the essence of establishing the body in the first place, as universities literally returned to testing their own candidates.

Current Challenges with JAMB CBT Exams

JAMB CBT exams may in some way reduce the level of malpractice which is bad for some candidates. It has, however, open doors to other challenges.

Applicants have kicked against the this exam method on the streets of Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Jos. In some instances Shots had to be fired and some of the candidates were arrested in Benue state.

Applicants are hinging the reasons for the protest on the inability to access e-slips, without which a candidate cannot register for the exam. This is one big challenge JAMB has to surmount.

Power supply and internet availability are also areas that, if poorly managed, could disrupt the entire process.

But the board has assured the candidates that all the examination centers have been equipped with appropriate power back-ups and necessary bandwidth for quick communication.

Another challenge is the potential hacking of the board’s database to access the questions before the examination.

But the board is giving us the assurance that it has done its homework very well and its database is impenetrable to hackers.

JAMB Past Question and Answers

We’ve decided to bring these random repeated JAMB questions and answers for free to your acknowledgment. Available subject combinations are;

  • Use of English
  • Mathematics
  • Accounting
  • Commerce
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Literature
  • Agric
  • CRK
  • Geography
  • Government
  • Biology
  • Physics

Click on the links above to study through the questions.

Tips to Passing JAMB CBT Exams in Colors

Let’s be clear on one thing before I dish out these tips. There are no specific tips, tweaks, tricks to passing the JAMB CBT exams that work for everyone. You will have to stick to what works for you. Just so we are clear, the following tips are just to assist you.

1. Pay Attention to Your Application Process

The fact is admission start from application. So it is pertinent to take the application process seriously to avoid statements like “if We had known when I was applying!!!” or “I never knew this before my application”.

The ideal time to start the battle of admission is during JAMB application. Many would-be-students do not arm themselves with enough information that will guarantee their admission success.

Many apply without formal orientation. Using the trial-and-error method, they fumble their way through Universities and course selection. The result in most cases is a failure.

It is especially important that prospective candidates for JAMB UTME give special attention to their application as JAMB will be providing two or more modes of taking their examination.

Your knowledge about this and many more questions may be the only thing needed to pass JAMB UTME. Before you go online and register on http://www.jamb.org.ng you need to fortify yourself with the knowledge of what you would meet there.

2. Get Acquainted with a Computer

The CBT is written with a Computer system with access to the internet. And information is that in some centers you have to setup your own computer before you start. You can imagine how frustrated you will be if you have no knowledge about computers.

So get acquainted with computers, Educate yourself on how to maneuver a computer, connect it to the internet and how to work with it.

3. Practice at CBT Interface with Your Computer

Aside from getting used to a computer, the JAMB CBT environment is another area you should endeavor to get used to. Since it is a computer-based test, you must endeavor to practice with the same program you will be tested with.

Install JAMB practice software that will help you familiarize yourself with the interface of the 2020 Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) CBT Exams

4. Time Yourself while You Practice

Timing in the JAMB CBT examination is key. You must understand it is a timed examination so you must ensure that you time yourself while you practice. Do well to use the same time you would be given on the test day or even less.

5. Always Take Notes

You must not think that jotting is a waste of time. You can remember only 10% of what you read the first time. So a jotter always comes in handy. You can make your jotting comprehensive, make full sentences that you can understand when you read it over again.

Make sure you jot out your whole note or textbooks early enough. When done with this, read your hotter over and over again, four or five times for a start.

6. Attend Intensive JAMB Tutorials

Intensive tutorials would help coach you and put you on the right track. For each of your subjects, set aside a separate jotter for each course taught during the tutorial.

Read this jotter every day. Participate actively during tutorials. These would prove helpful.

7. Always Keep Past Questions Close

Study your past questions over and over again. Make sure you get used to all the questions. Jamb has always been in the tradition of setting related questions.

Your task is mainly to ensure that you understand their tricks. And to help you we have provided JAMB Past Questions and Answers above for you to use.

Important Hints

Below are some important hints about JAMB questions and answers:

  • How to Create and Update JAMB Profile
  • How to Register JAMB Online
  • List of JAMB Approved UTME Centres for Online Registration
  • List of JAMB Offices and Location in Nigeria
  • JAMB UTME Recommended Textbook
  • The JAMB Use English Novel Summary
  • JAMB Direct Entry Registration Centres in Nigeria

We cherish your opinion and we look forward to it. Hence, if you need us to feed you with more updated JAMB questions and answers at the right time, then kindly provide your phone numbers and email address in the comment section.

Don’t hesitate to share this update on JAMB questions and answers with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Instagram.


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JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now! ,JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now! ,JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now!

JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now! ,JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now! ,JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now!
JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now! ,JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now! ,JAMB Questions and Answers for 5th of June, 2024 | Get Expo Now!
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