BUK School Fees 2024/2025 & Acceptance fee|hostel accommodation fee is here

BUK School Fees 2024/2025 & Acceptance fee|hostel accommodation fee is here ,BUK School Fees 2024/2025 & Acceptance fee|hostel accommodation fee is here ,BUK School Fees 2024/2025 & Acceptance fee|hostel accommodation fee is here
BUK School Fees 2024/2025 & Acceptance fee|hostel accommodation fee is here ,BUK School Fees 2024/2025 & Acceptance fee|hostel accommodation fee is here ,BUK School Fees 2024/2025 & Acceptance fee|hostel accommodation fee is here 
BUK School Fees 2024/2025 & Acceptance fee|hostel accommodation fee is here,BUK School Fees 2024/2025 & Acceptance fee|hostel accommodation fee is here BUK School Fees 2024/2025 & Acceptance fee|hostel accommodation fee is here

BUK School Fees  & Acceptance fee|hostel accommodation fee is here

Are you searching for Bayero University kano (BUK) tuition fee for? Then you are in the right post, here we are also going show you the acceptance fee payment procedure and also hostel accommodation fee that all 100 level students must pay.

If you are a returning student or old student you won’t be left out because we shall give you the information that you are searching for.

BUK School Fees 2024/2025

S/NProgrammeFresh(Level 100 UTME)Fresh(Level 200 DE)Returning
1B. (Ed) Science & Technical Education₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
2B.A. (Ed)₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
3B.A. (Ed) Adult Education and Community Services₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
4B.A. (Ed) Arabic₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
5B.A. (Ed) Early Childhood Education₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
6B.A. (Ed) Education₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
7B.A. (Ed) English₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
8B.A. (Ed) French₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
9B.A. (Ed) Geography₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
10B.A. (Ed) Hausa₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
11B.A. (Ed) History₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
12B.A. (Ed) Islamic Studies₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
13B.A. (Ed) Primary Education₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
14B.A. (Ed) Special Education₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
15B.A./B.Sc. Library and Information Science₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
16B.A. Arabic₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
17B.A. Arts Combined₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
18B.A. English₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
19B.A. French₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
20B.A. Hausa₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
21B.A. History₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
22B.A. Islamic Studies₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
23B.A. Library and Information Science₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
24B.A. Linguistics₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
25B.A. Theatre and Performing Arts₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
26B. Agric Economics and Extension₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
27B. Agriculture₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
28B. Dental Surgery₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
29B.Eng. Agricultural Engineering₦44,500₦45,500₦41,500
30B.Eng. Chemical Engineering₦44,500₦45,500₦41,500
31B.Eng. Civil Engineering₦44,500₦45,500₦41,500
32B.Eng. Computer Engineering₦44,500₦45,500₦41,500
33B.Eng. Electrical Engineering₦44,500₦45,500₦41,500
34B.Eng. Irrigation Engineering₦44,500₦45,500₦41,500
35B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering₦44,500₦45,500₦41,500
36B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering₦44,500₦45,500₦41,500
37B.Eng. Petroleum Engineering₦44,500₦45,500₦41,500
38B.Eng. Telecommunication Engineering₦44,500₦45,500₦41,500
39B. Fisheries and Aquaculture₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
40B. Food Science and Technology₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
41B. Forestry and Wildlife Management₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
42B. Medical Laboratory Science₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
43B. Nursing Science₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
44B. Physiotherapy₦48,500₦47,500₦45,500
45B. Radiography₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
46B.Sc. (Ed)₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
47B.Sc. (Ed) Adult Education₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
48B.Sc. (Ed) Agriculture₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
49B.Sc. (Ed) Applied Biology₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
50B.Sc. (Ed) Biology₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
51B.Sc. (Ed) Chemistry₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
52B.Sc. (Ed) Economics₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
53B.Sc. (Ed) Education₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
54B.Sc. (Ed) Geography₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
55B.Sc. (Ed) Geography (STE)₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
56B.Sc. (Ed) Health Education₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
57B.Sc. (Ed) Mathematics₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
58B.Sc. (Ed) Physical Education₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
59B.Sc. (Ed) Physical and Health Education₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
60B.Sc. (Ed) Physics₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
61B.Sc. (Ed) Science₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
62B.Sc. Accounting₦45,500₦46,500₦42,500
63B.Sc. Agricultural Extension (SAFE Programme)₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
64B.Sc. Anatomy₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
65B.Sc. Applied Biology₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
66B.Sc. Architecture₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
67B.Sc. Banking and Finance₦45,500₦46,500₦42,500
68B.Sc. Biochemistry₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
69B.Sc. Biology₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
70B.Sc. Botany₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
71B.Sc. Business Administration₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
72B.Sc. Chemistry₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
73B.Sc. Computer Science₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
74B.Sc. Computer Science/Economics₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
75B.Sc. Criminology₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
76B.Sc. Cyber Security₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
77B.Sc. Economics₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
78B.Sc. Electronics with Physics₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
79B.Sc. Entrepreneurship₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
80B.Sc. Environmental Health Science₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
81B.Sc. Environmental Management₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
82B.Sc. Estate Management₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
83B.Sc. Forensic Science₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
84B.Sc. Geography₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
85B.Sc. Geography (Science)₦36,300₦37,300₦33,300
86B.Sc. Geology₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
87B.Sc. Human Physiology₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
88B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
89B.Sc. Information Technology₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
90B.Sc. Information and Media Studies₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
91B.Sc. International Relations₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
92B.Sc. Library and Information Science₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
93B.Sc. Mass Communication₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
94B.Sc. Mathematics₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
95B.Sc. Microbiology₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
96B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
97B.Sc. Physics₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
98B.Sc. Physics with Electronics₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
99B.Sc. Political Science₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
100B.Sc. Public Administration₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
101B.Sc. Quantity Surveying₦44,500₦45,500₦41,500
102B.Sc. Sociology₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
103B.Sc. Software Engineering₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
104B.Sc. Statistics₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
105B.Sc. Taxation₦38,500₦39,500₦35,500
106B.Sc. Zoology₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
107B. Technology Education₦41,500₦42,500₦38,500
108B. Urban and Regional Planning₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
109B Eng. Automotive Engineering₦44,500₦45,500₦41,500
110D Veterinary Medicine₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
111Doctor of Optometry₦46,500₦47,500₦43,500
112Doctor of Pharmacy₦43,500₦44,500₦40,500
  • You must pay your fees on time, the management of the institution has made it clear that late payments will attract a fee of 5,000 ( five thousand naira only).
  • Please don’t waste any time or delay in paying any of your fee.
  • Immediately you pay your fees make sure you photocopy your tell and all receipts, get a file and organize everything for future purposes.
  • Those who misplaced their receipt, during their clearance in their final level, they might have to pay back.

BUK acceptance fee

We had to make an enquiry and we discovered that BUK acceptance fee is not that expensive, their acceptance fee is the cheapest so far we have seen.

Bayero University,Kano acceptance fee is 5000 naira only and all 100 level must pay this 5,000 naira which is non refundable.

Acceptance fee can be paid through the REMITA platform you can click here for the procedure now procedure on how to pay BUK acceptance fee

Bayero University,Kano hostel accommodation

As at the time of writing this article we honestly do not have any idea on how much Bayero University,Kano charge for an accommodation or hostel.

To get the real detail you must locate the school student affairs department for a more better clarification.

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