DELSU School Fees 2024/2025 (Indigenes & Non-Indigenes) |acceptance fee|hostel accommodation

DELSU School Fees 2024/2025 (Indigenes & Non-Indigenes) |acceptance fee|hostel accommodation ,DELSU School Fees 2024/2025 (Indigenes & Non-Indigenes) |acceptance fee|hostel accommodation ,DELSU School Fees 2024/2025 (Indigenes & Non-Indigenes) |acceptance fee|hostel accommodation
DELSU School Fees   2024/2025 (Indigenes & Non-Indigenes) |acceptance fee|hostel accommodation ,DELSU School Fees   2024/2025 (Indigenes & Non-Indigenes) |acceptance fee|hostel accommodation ,DELSU School Fees   2024/2025 (Indigenes & Non-Indigenes) |acceptance fee|hostel accommodation 
DELSU School Fees 2024/2025 (Indigenes & Non-Indigenes) |acceptance fee|hostel accommodation,DELSU School Fees 2024/2025 (Indigenes & Non-Indigenes) |acceptance fee|hostel accommodation DELSU School Fees 2024/2025 (Indigenes & Non-Indigenes) |acceptance fee|hostel accommodation

DELSU School Fees For Fresh Students 2024/2025 (Indigenes & Non-Indigenes) |acceptance fee|hostel accommodation fee /Session/returning students

What’s the school fees of DELSU school fees for nursing? for medicine and surgery, for pharmacy, mass communication, how much is delsu school fees for freshers?

In this article we shall give you a clear information on how much each student of DELSU pays as school fees per session.

This article will be helpful to those who have chosen Delsu as their preferred institution in JAMB and direct entry.

We will like to state it clearly that indigenes are asked to pay a little lower than non indigenes of Delta state origin , but this should not scare you away as there are thousands of students who are studying various courses under various department and faculties in DELSU.

what you have to do now is to go through the tables We have taken time to provide for you all,locate your department.

DELSU School Fees Schedule.2024/2025



(A) Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension (ABRAKA CAMPUS)


Department of Animal Science

Animal Science

Animal Genetics and Breeding Technology

Animal Production Management and Welfare

Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry

Animal Physiology, Environment and Behaviour

Department of Fisheries


Fisheries Biology

Fisheries Engineering Aquaculture



Hatchery Management

Fish Pathology

Fishing Gear Technology

Fish Physiology

Fish Nutrition and Biochemistry

Post-Harvest Technology

Fisheries Economics

Fish Genetics

Environmental Ecology and Management.

Forestry and Wildlife


Department English and Literary Studies

English Language – N63, 600

Literature in English – N63,600

Department of Fine and Applied Arts

Fine and Applied Arts (MFA) – N63,600

Art History – N63,600

Studio Art – N63,600

Department of History

History – N63,600

Department of Languages and Linguistics

Language and Linguistics Studies – N63,600

Department of Music (ABRAKA CAMPUS)

Music – N63,600

Department of Religious Studies

Religious Studies – N63, 600

Department of Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts – N63, 600


Department of Physiology


Department of Anatomy



  1. Educational Administration – N31,000
  2. Educational Planning – N31,000
  3. Higher Education Administration – N31,000
  4. Curriculum and Instruction – N31,000
  5. Guidance and Counselling – N31,000
  6. Measurement and Evaluation – N31,000
  7. Physical and Health Education – N31,000
  8. Health Education – N31,000
  9. Social Studies – N31,000
  10. Agricultural Education – N31,000
  11. Home Economics Education – N31,000
  12. Science Education (Biology, Integrated Science, Mathematics Education and Chemistry Education) – N31,000
  13. Library and Information Science – N31,000


  1. Law –


  1. Banking and Finance
  2. Accounting
  3. Marketing


  1. Animal and Environmental Biology
  2. Computer Science
  3. Micro biology
  4. Mathematics
  5. Industrial mathematics
  6. Geology
  7. Physics
  8. Botany
  9. Animal and Environmental Biology (Zoology)
  10. Biochemistry
  11. Chemistry


  1. Business Administration
  2. Economics
  3. Marketing
  4. Accounting
  5. Geography and Regional Planning
  6. Political Science
  7. Sociology
  8. Mass Communications


  1. Pharmacy
  2. School Of Medicine
  3. Medicine


  1. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  2. Chemical Engineering

Civil & Structural Engineering


  • You are free to cross check and verify the fees we just stated here by putting a call to any one who resides or school in Delta state university.
  • Failure to pay your fees in time might force the institution to prevent you from taking your exams.
  • Also note that late payments attracts extra charges.
  • As you keep paying your school fees please keep all the receipt and make photocopies as well, because the school will ask you for all this document when you want to do your final year clearance.

Now let’s move to Delta state university acceptance fee payment, how much new students are to pay after that we shall discuss about how much an accommodation cost both withing the campus and outside the campus. So just relax and enjoy as we are going to give you upto date information concerning all fees in Delta state university.

Delta State University – DELSU Acceptance Fee For Fresh Students 2024/2025 Session

Hope you will like us to show you what newly admitted students of Delta state university pays as acceptance fee? We are going show you what indigenes and non indigenes pays as fees. As you know Delta state university is not a federal owned institution so expect a little high fee.

An as newly admitted student you must make sure you clear your acceptance fees first before you will be allowed to start your clearance, without paying your acceptance fee first you are not yet a student of DELSU.

It will interest you to know that non indigenes pay a little higher than those from Delta state.

  • DELSU Acceptance Fee for indigenes = thirty thousand only (30,000 naira)
  • DELSU Acceptance Fee For Non Indigenes = forty thousand naira only (40,000 Naira.)

Failure to pay the above acceptance fee on time might make you lose your admission.

No. Student StatusFees1.IndigenesN30,000.002.Non-IndigenesN40,000.00

Hope you got a clear clue using the tables we have provided above?

Now let’s move over to DELSU accommodation fees, how much they pay for it and how to apply for it.

DELSU Accommodation fee 2024/2025

The management of DELTA state university recognized the importance of hostels and accommodation for her students that is why the institution make the availability of hostel of the institution priority.

Although students are allow to rent hostel facilities outside the school campus but this comes at an exorbitant fee like for example getting a hostel ( a single room) outside Delsu will cost you 30,000 to 40,000 thousands or more while self content goes from 80,000 to even more.

You know this is Abraka and houses are expensive to rent.

Those who can’t afford the fees we stated above have a choice of renting an apartment inside the school campus for as low as 10,000 to as high as 36,000. You can apply for a space or reservations online through the institution portal.

No.Hostel NameFees1.Abraka HallN20, 000.002.Council HallN20, 000.003.Ethiopia HallN20, 000.004.Canon Mason HallN10, 000.005.Ecobank HallN36, 000.006.Medical HostelN26, 000.007.NNDC HostelNot Clear


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