EKSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee accommodation

EKSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee accommodation ,EKSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee accommodation ,EKSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee accommodation
EKSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee accommodation ,EKSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee accommodation ,EKSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee accommodation 
EKSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee accommodation,EKSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee accommodation EKSU school fees 2024/2025 acceptance fee accommodation

EKSU school fees  acceptance fee accommodation fees|indigenes and non indigenes |returning students and freshers

We are using this medium to inform all newly admitted  joint admission and Matriculation board jamb candidates and also those that will be coming in through Direct Entry that EKSU school fees list is already here not only that, we are also going to inform you how much you are going to pay for acceptance fee and hostel accommodation and the process involved.

EKSU School Fees Schedule 2024/2025


100 L200 L300 L400 L500/600L
Faculty of Administration
Banking And Finance171,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Business Administration171,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Faculty of Agriculture
Agricultural Economics and Extension Services17,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Fisheries and Aquaculture Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Animal Production And Health Services170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Crop Soil And Environmental Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Forestry Wildlife And Fisheries170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Hospitality And Tourism170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Arts And Humanities
Arabic And Islamic Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
English And Literary Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
History And International Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Religious Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Theatre Arts170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
College of Medicine
A) Faculty of Basic and Allied Medicine
Pathology (Morbid Anatomy), and Physiology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Faculty of Clinical Sciences
Epidemiology and Community Health170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Obstetrics and Gynecology and Surgery.170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Adult Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Agricultural Science And Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Business Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Curriculum Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Accountancy170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Christian Religious Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Computer Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Economics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Electrical/Electronics Technology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Mathematics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Mechanical & Auto Mechanical Technolog170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Physics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education & Yoruba170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Biology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Chemistry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And English Language170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And French170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Geography170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And History170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Integrated Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Political Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education And Social Studies170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Education Foundations And Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Educational Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Educational Management & Planning170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Guidance & Counseling170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Human Kinetics And Health Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Industrial Technical Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Mathematics /Statistics Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Nursery And Primary Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Physical And Health Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Technical Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Vocational And Technical Education170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Banking And Finance170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Civil Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Computer Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Electrical /Electronics Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Environmental Management170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Mechanical Engineering170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Law/Legal Studies
Social Sciences
Geography And Planning Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Political Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Biological Science(S)170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Computer Science170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Industrial Chemistry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Industrial Mathematics170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Plant Science And Forestry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Pure Chemistry170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000
Science Laboratory Technology170,00061,50056,00056,00056,000

How much is EKSU acceptance fee

The EkitWe state university acceptance fee is just 57,000 naira only.

We are going to update you about the registration date here,but just be properly guided and also be prepared for it.

EKSU school fees and Acceptance Fee Payment and Registration Procedure.

  • TO pay your acceptance fee or school fees you have to log on to https://eksueportal.eksu.edu.ng/site/home,
  • When the portal loads you have to click on payment, after that click on Acceptance Fees. Those for school fees click on school fees.
  • A page will appear requesting you to enter your username and password in this case just input your jamb registration or form number as username and password1 as password before clicking the sign in button.

Note: you can’t perform both at the same time, you have to finish paying for either school fees or acceptance fee and log out before logging in again to perform the other.

Those who have successfully paid the fees will have to proceed to the Admissions Office where all receipts and slip will be verify, after verification has been completed at the Admissions Office you now have to move over to your faculty officer to complete the rest.

click here to see EKSU departmental cut off mark

EKSU hostel accommodation

The management of EkitWe state university has recognized the importance of hostel accommodation to her students and they have successfully provided one at the newly constructed Adekunle Ajasin Hostel just for 100 level students although pre degree student still enjoy a hostel accommodation at Ifaki campus.

Hostel accommodation fee cost between 20,000 to 25,000 as at 2015, though there might be slight changes now.

How to apply and process EKSU hostel accommodation

Now how can i process my hostel accommodation? This is the question burning in the mind of every student of EKSU right now.

Follow this simple step to process your hostel accommodation right now

First you have to visit the Directorate of Students Affairs to collect the form

Don’t forget to go there with all your receipts (acceptance fee and school fee) all this will be attached to the hostel accommodation form.

If you need any additional information please comment below

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