WAEC Expo | 2024/2025 WASSCE Runz (Runs) Questions And Answers

WAEC Expo | 2024/2025 WASSCE Runz (Runs) Questions And Answers ,WAEC Expo | 2024/2025 WASSCE Runz (Runs) Questions And Answers ,WAEC Expo | 2024/2025 WASSCE Runz (Runs) Questions And Answers
WAEC Expo | 2024/2025 WASSCE Runz (Runs) Questions And Answers ,WAEC Expo | 2024/2025 WASSCE Runz (Runs) Questions And Answers ,WAEC Expo | 2024/2025 WASSCE Runz (Runs) Questions And Answers 
WAEC Expo | 2024/2025 WASSCE Runz (Runs) Questions And Answers,WAEC Expo | 2024/2025 WASSCE Runz (Runs) Questions And Answers WAEC Expo | 2024/2025 WASSCE Runz (Runs) Questions And Answers

 WAEC Expo | 2024/2025 WASSCE Runz (Runs) Questions And Answers 

Are you searching for a ways to get the 2024/2025 WAEC QUESTIONS right?if yes then you are on the right post, follow this our guide now.

In this post we will help you by providing those point and areas where there is high probability of occurrence in the forth coming  WAEC exams.

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Please remember that we don’t ask for money, be inform that on no account must you pay any money to anyone claiming to give you answers as we don’t do that okay.

So in this article we shall be given you tips that works, please note that we don’t engage in exam malpractice, we are only helping you with tips to pass  WAEC EXAMS successfully and also possible areas we feel WAEC will bring up.


WAEC Subject  WAEC expo and questions and answers :

Due to the fact that we can’t cover all subjects it is imperative We take into consideration those subjects that we feel that majority of  WAEC candidates are taking. All subjects are important as far as WAEC is concerned but we take into consideration the total number of candidates taking the following subjects we listed below :

  • Mathematics
  • English language
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Government
  • Literature in English
  • For economics expo click here
  • for Data processing expo click here
  • for mathematics expo click here
  • for chemistry expo click here
  • for physics expo click here
  • for English language expo click here
  • how to start reading for waec click here

Tops reasons why candidates fails WAEC

Over confidence in  WAEC

Overconfidence actually gives one ta false impression about an exam, it makes you feel as if you knows everything, why should you boarder your self when you are loaded?

Overconfidence actually can spell doom overconfidence has been regarded as one of the cognitive or reading biases, this is because over Confidence pushed us to make rational decisions without minding or taking into consideration other opposing factors

See:how to check your waec results

Don’t be too confident in any exam no matter how easy you think the exam is, try your very possible best to prepare ahead for such an exam. Examine your self properly using WAEC past question and syllabus as this will expose where you truly falls.

So Get everything material that is accessible to you, although we have provided a great WAEC EXPO 2024/2025 resource for you HERE, kindly go through them and Jack.

Laziness in  WAEC

Laziness can hinder you from passing the  WAEC exams as it keeps one from carrying out an important task that is important for his or her success.Be rest assured that laziness has the ability to hinder your studies if given the opportunity.

## How To overcome laziness in  WAEC

Find your best learning preference:

  1. Most students prefer to study in groups while others might prefer to study alone under a cool music playing at the background. Honestly you believe that some students find pleasure in reading while walking around, everyone with his or her own thing so just find the best position that fits you and continue with it.
  2. Create a flexible reading timetable : for some students they will prefer to study during the day time while others at night which ever way you want don’t make it clash with your work or your resting period. If you must read at night plea se have some sleep on time or during the day time.
  3. Remove all distraction: it is often said that distraction while study allows laziness to creep in, stay away from that noisy environment, that TV program or that computer game for a while.
  4. Be motivated: find the reason to study, everyone has an ambition in life, we all wanted to be great in life. It’s only when you are focused on your future plans that you will be motivated so be focused.

Bad Reading habit in  WAEC

we all have one bad habit which we form over a long period of time, in some people this bad habits tends or seems to be more while in others it is just a few of them.

Reading multiple books at same time: reading multiple books that are not correlated at a goal is a bad habit and if you are fond of doing that you must break away from it now

Abandoning books half way: most of us easily get tired while reading, we feel exhausted easily even when we know that exams is just few weeks ahead we still continue with this habit, with the  WAEC at hand we must break away from such habit now.

Lack of Interest in  WAEC waec expo QUESTIONS and answers)

At times you discover that you are graduall y losing interest in reading, most time this habit is not strange they are due to certain factors.

How To boost and increase your reading level:

  1. Read in a comfortable environment: if you don’t want to lose interest in reading then you should consider reading in an environment that is calm and lonely, avoid party prone area. Secondly you will need to find a suitable sit or chair that won’t hurt you over a long period of time
  2. Read using your best style : if you enjoy reading while standing then still continue with it. Which ever position or style that best defines you but won’t cause your to slide back into sleep then you are good to go.
  3. Read with friend and frequently : i my self We love reading with friends, i find this very engaging, you too can apply that, read with your friends, teach each other and finally firm a discussion groups.

Having negative Mind-set towards  WAEC QUESTIONS

when i was growing up We have always been told that WAEC is the most difficult exams and only few pass it with out expo, well that’s a lie, We have seen student who got all As with no one helping them out. Don’t form a negative mindset due to what people say, that it happened to them doesn’t mean it will happen to you.

Procrastination in the forth coming  WAEC exams

most WAEC students are masters of procrastination forgetting that procrastination is a smart thief that gently steals away your time.

See:universities that accept both WAEC and NECO

What are the ways to eliminate procrastination in  WAEC

Remove every distraction : if studying with your friends will distract you, if studying at homes means more of distraction to you why not leave such an environment when you want to study. Visit the library.

  1. Set your deadline : always set a specific time limit when trying to achieve an objective as this will always help you to track your progress and how far you have gone.
  2. Eat healthy food : if you want to boast your reading habit then you must avoid some certain types of foods like sugary content, junk etc.

Keeping bad friends :

It’s often said that friends are great support to us but also have it in mind that keeping too much of them during exam period can cause distraction since they are not taking or handling any serious exams they might distract you. That is why you should keep friends of like minds who have similar exams like you.

Keep away from friend on social media :

your friends might be online or offline if you discover that your friends on social media won’t let you study for a long time without distraction it’s better you log out from all your accounts for the main time.

Always stay around friends of same mind: this is one of the key of success, don’t move with the bandwagon, chose your friends wisely.

Exam Malpractice in  WAEC exams :

we normally call it WAEC Runz, expo, Runz or runs they all mean the same thing but different words.

Believe it or NOT depending on expo o r malpractice can make you fail WEAC on one hand and on the other hand it can make your  WAEC result be withheld.

Most answers flying around are mostly used by thousands of candidates taking the same exams with you. Waec do seize results Once waec notice the same trend in which exams questions are answered.

To succeed in waec you need to learn how to answer your questions in your own words and write up never follow the crowd.

Time Wasting

Time wait for no man, you must learn to answer the  WAEC questions with speed of light, Waisting unnecessary time on a particular question can spell dome for you, any question you don’t know quickly jump over it and attempt others that appears easy.

Not Heeding the  WAEC instructions:

before you start answering the  WAEC questions you will discover that there is always an instruction on the heading which has some important tips and point on how the exam will run.

When you are told to answer just five questions from the theory section don’t go there and answer 6 in fact this is a bad habit as you are meant to answer your best. For instance if the first 4 questions are correct and the 5th is wrong while the 6th is correct, WAEC board reserves the right to pick the first 5 questions from the rest of the answers you have given.Don’t forget to put down your names and in the right arrangement.

Finally don’t forget to shade your objective answers correctly, if you don’t shade them correctly the me hone marking those objective sections might skip some marks thereby leading to low grades.

coming to the  WAEC exams with an Incomplete sets of materials:

most students fails to go into the hall with a calculator they believe that once they get into the hall they can borrow from someone. You won’t believe that most WAEC candidates don’t go into the hall with their pen and pencil, hoping that when they get into the hall pen must fall from heaven this is a very bad habit.

Please and please don’t take faulty pen into the exam halls, get two or three pen with you should in case one fails then you can quickly use the next.

Lateness to  WAEC exams

It will be in your interest if you arrive the  WAEC exam venue on time, arriving late when the exam has already started is very bad in fact you can be denied entry into the hall because they might feel that you have gotten a clue or the papers might have reached you outside while you have quickly glance through or even read them before coming into the exam hall.

To those whose leaves very far from the exam venue might either chose to arrange a place where they might stay through out the exam period. If you have relatives, friends around the exam town this might also help.

Finance ( WAEC QUESTIONS and answers) :

you need money to buy the necessary types of  WAEC text books and also money to register in a good lecture center in fact acquiring the right education is all about money as non comes cheap. That’s the more reason you must find a way to convince your parents to help you out with finance,if your parents are not up and doing you can engage in something meaningful that will bring you extra cash.

waec expo /




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Hope this article is helpful to you and those around you? If yes don’t fail to comment below and also show us some love by sharing this article with your friends on all social media account because we believe that this is the best gift you can present to them as they prepare to take the forth coming 2021/2024 WAEC exams.

If you have any information you will like to pass across to us or you will like us to add up on this page you are free to contact us using the comment section.

Your success is our priority.

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