10 Cheapest Medical Schools in Nebraska NE 2024 Update

10 Cheapest Medical Schools in Nebraska NE 2024 Update ,10 Cheapest Medical Schools in Nebraska NE 2024 Update ,10 Cheapest Medical Schools in Nebraska NE 2024 Update
10 Cheapest Medical Schools in Nebraska NE 2024 Update ,10 Cheapest Medical Schools in Nebraska NE 2024 Update ,10 Cheapest Medical Schools in Nebraska NE 2024 Update 
10 Cheapest Medical Schools in Nebraska NE 2024 Update,10 Cheapest Medical Schools in Nebraska NE 2024 Update 10 Cheapest Medical Schools in Nebraska NE 2024 Update

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– Cheapest Medical Schools in Nebraska –

Nebraska is not left out among the schools that offer affordable academic life for students aspiring to be part of institutions in the country. Nebraska affords students to experience both the educational aspect and other aspects. Herein are 10 cheapest medical schools in Nebraska NE.

Nebraska Medical Schools

In Nebraska, there are many medical schools, some are expensive while some are not, this article will focus on the 10 cheapest medical schools in Nebraska NE. Read below.

1. Clarkson College

Net Price: $18,344/yr

Clarkson College is a private institution that renders degrees in the health sciences at a highly reasonable price rate. One of the top colleges in Nebraska for the development of healthcare, Clarkson features a wide range of professional specializations

which include nursing, medical imaging, imaging informatics, radiologic technology, healthcare business and administration, and physical therapy support.

And with just a thousand students, education is customized to your needs through close tutoring and meaningful coursework.

The personalized education this small school offers moves to comprehensive professional development services for all healthcare specializations, such as CPR, Basic Life Support (BLS), First Aid, Infection Prevention, and more.

2. Creighton University

Net Price: $28,551/yr

Creighton University offers the Jesuit tradition of scholastic support and intellectual excellence into the twenty-first century.

As the largest private, religious university in Nebraska, this top Nebraska college is a high-demand educational institution for aspiring students of faith,

and is even renowned the best regional university in the Midwest by U.S. News (although a graduation rate of nearly 80% and $319K ROI from PayScale.com do kind of tell for themselves).

And with dozens of inspiring academic programs like Medical Anthropology, Financial Management, and Sustainable Energy, Creighton caters to the brightest and most inquiring students in the state.

3. Bryan College of Health Science

Net Price: $14,758/yr

Bryan College of Health Sciences is perfect for students aspiring to get started in their career in healthcare right away. Featuring specific professional degree programs in Biomedical Sciences,

Healthcare Studies, Nursing, and Sonography/Ultrasound, this affordable Nebraska college provides students the opportunity to build up practical skills that evolve directly into the workforce,

With an 80% graduation rate, Bryan’s education model is extraordinarily successful at harnassing certified medical practitioners.

Student organizations on campus such as the American Red Cross and the Health Promotion Organization also allow students the opportunity to network, learn, and offers care even outside the classroom.

4. York College

Net Price: $17,943/yr

Associated with the Churches of Christ, York College brings together Christians of different denominations to advance their careers and life journey through academic excellence.

With just 500 students, this affordable college in Nebraska places students first.

A 12:1 student to faculty ratio creates meaningful relationships with faculty members inevitable, and academic success all but assured.

In addition, York makes its already competitive tuition even more handy with a wide range of academic, need-based, and performance scholarships.

They range from the $1,500 Blue and White Award for above-standard students to an ample “Sibling Scholarship” for families with a legacy of dedication to their alma mater.

5. Nebraska Wesleyan University

Net Price: $20,987/yr

Ranked the #1 liberal arts college in Nebraska by U.S. News, Nebraska Wesleyan University provides a comprehensive general education for students of faith.

With a 69% graduation rate (well above the state and national standard), and a $200K ROI from PayScale.com, NWU ranks high on the list of top colleges.

6. College of Saint Mary

Net Price: $17,691/yr

Established just three years after women gained the right to vote in this country, the College of Saint Mary has a long-standing status of assisting and empowering women through biblical and liberal arts education.

But Saint Mary is not just a low-priced college in Nebraska – it’s also one of the outstanding colleges in Nebraska, period.

This near Catholic university features an extraordinary 10:1 student to faculty ratio and above 30 undergraduate degrees.

In count to more conventional facilities like honors and study abroad programs, Saint Mary features a special Mother’s Living and Learning Program to assist single mothers looking to obtain a degree while living on campus.

7. Grace University

Net Price: $14,758/yr

At the Grace University, the Christian morals of service, integrity, and devotion are at the heart of the curriculum. With about 500 students and 40 undergraduate degree programs.

These includes Business, Intercultural Studies, Communication, Pastoral Ministries, Psychology, and Music, Grace accords students of faith to explore different interests all while refining their spirituality in a tight-knit community of believers at one of the best Nebraska colleges.

8. University of Nebraska Lincoln

Net Price: $15,109/yr

Chartered just two years after Nebraska gained its statehood, the University is the oldest and largest university in the state.

And while it may be best recognized for its football team, the Cornhuskers which has been a fixture at the Big Ten Conference since its start.

Lincoln has a lot to give to its students outside of athletic pageantry. With 150 undergraduate majors with 20 professional programs, it is difficult to think of something it does not offer.

9. Union College

Net Price: $10,979/yr

united with the Seventh-Day Adventists Education System, Union College is a part of the institution of the second-largest Christian school system in the world.

This offers Union the resources of a much larger institution while maintaining a close student body of just under a thousand undergraduates.

Campus ministry is a vital part of student life at this affordable Nebraska college, where nearly 800 students partake in service outreach programs at over 70 local organizations.

The union is also recognized for housing the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum, which decorates the otherwise barren landscape with plentiful flora.

10.University of Nebraska Omaha

Net Price: $10,979/yr

The University of Nebraska at Omaha is one of the top universities in Nebraska for research and NCAA Division I athletics as well.

Omaha is recognized for its computer science department, which shows the Peter Kiewit Institute, a $70 million state of the art computer science and engineering facility.

Coupled with being the first school in Nebraska to be qualified by the Accreditation Board for Education and Technology.

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