RSUST Postgraduate Courses | Full List of Courses Offered

RSUST Postgraduate Courses | Full List of Courses Offered ,RSUST Postgraduate Courses | Full List of Courses Offered ,RSUST Postgraduate Courses | Full List of Courses Offered
RSUST Postgraduate Courses | Full List of Courses Offered ,RSUST Postgraduate Courses | Full List of Courses Offered ,RSUST Postgraduate Courses | Full List of Courses Offered 
RSUST Postgraduate Courses | Full List of Courses Offered,RSUST Postgraduate Courses | Full List of Courses Offered RSUST Postgraduate Courses | Full List of Courses Offered

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– RSUST Postgraduate Courses – 

 Rivers State University (RSU) postgraduate courses approved by the NUC and advertised by the College of Postgraduate Studies is now available on our site. Continue reading to see more details below about RSUST Postgraduate Courses.

RSUST Postgraduate Courses

The management of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST), Nkpolu-Oroworukwo, Port Harcourt, has advertised the following postgraduate courses/programmes for the 2024/2025 academic session admission exercise.

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Below is the list of postgraduate courses offered at RUST.

A. Faculty of Agriculture

1. Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)

➛ Agricultural and Applied Economics

Master of Science (MSc.)

➛ Agricultural Economics with specialization in:

➛  Production Economics and Farm Management

➛ Agricultural Finance

➛ Agricultural Marketing

➛ International Economics and Finance

➛ Environmental Economics and Policy

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

➛ Agricultural Economics with specialization in Production Economics and Farm Management, Agricultural Finance, Agricultural Marketing.

➛ International Economics and Finance

➛ Environmental Economics and Policy

2. Department of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

a)       Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)

i)       Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

a)      Master of Science (MSc), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in

Agricultural Extension and Rural Development with options in:

➛ Agricultural Extension Administration

➛ Agricultural Extension Communication

➛ Rural Sociology,

Community and Rural Development

3. Department of Animal Science

PGD in Animal Science

MSc, PhD in Animal Science with specialization in:

➛ Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry

➛ Animal Production and Management

➛ Animal Physiology and Reproduction

➛ Animal Breeding and Genetics

4. Department of Crop/Soil Science

➛ PGD in Crop Science

➛ PGD in Soil Science

MSc, PhD in Crop Science with Specialization in:

➛ Phytopathology (Plant Pathology)

➛ Crop Physiology

➛ Crop Production

➛ Plant breeding and genetics

➛ Environmental crop Science

➛ Farming Systems

➛ Entomology

MSc, PhD in Soil Science with Specialization in:

➛ Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy

➛ Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry

➛ Soil physics and Conservation

➛ Environmental Soil Science

➛ Soil Survey and Land use planning

➛ Pedology

➛ Soil fertility and Fertilizer Technology

5. Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Environment

  1. PGD in Fisheries and Aquatic Environment
  2. MSc, PhD in Fisheries and Aquatic Environment with specialization in:

➛ Aquaculture

➛ Fisheries Biology

➛ Fisheries Policy and Management

➛ Fish Processing and Utilization

6. Department of Food Science and Technology

  1. PGD in Food Science and Technology

MSc, PhD in Food Science and Technology with Specialization in:

Food Microbiology and Biotechnology

➛ Food Chemistry/Biochemistry

➛ Food Quality Control and Assurance

➛ Food Processing and Storage Technology

7.  Department of Forestry and Environment

PGD in forestry and Environment

MSc, PhD in Forestry and Environment, with the following areas of specialization:

➛ Forestry Ecology

➛ Silviculture

➛ Forest Pathology and Forest soil microbiology

➛ Forest Biometrics and Mensuration

➛ Wildlife Management and Eco-tourism

➛ Wood Science

➛ Forest Medicinal Plant


  1. Department of Adult Education and Community Development MEd, PhD in Adult Education and Community Studies

2. Department of Business Education

  1. MEd in Business Education

MSc in Business Education with the following areas of specialization:

➛ Accountancy

➛ Entrepreneurship

➛ Office Management and Technology

PhD Business Education

2. Department of Educational Foundations

MEd, PhD with the following areas of specialization:

➛ Philosophy of Education

➛ History and Policy of Education

➛ Sociology of Education

➛ Curriculum and Instruction

➛ Educational Technology

➛ Educational Psychology

➛ Educational Measurement and Evaluation

➛ Guidance and Counseling

3. Department of Science Education

MSc, PhD in Science Education, with specialization in:

➛ Biology

➛ Chemistry

➛ Mathematics

➛ Physics

4. Department of Vocational and Technology Education

a) MSc, in Agricultural Education, with specialization in:

➛ Administration

➛ Community Development

➛ Agricultural Resources and Environment

PhD in Agricultural Education

MSc, PhD in Technical Education, with specialization in:

➛ Building Technology

➛ Electrical/Electronics Technology

➛ Mechanical Technology

5. Department of Educational Management MEd, PhD in Educational Management


PGDTE/PGDE (Full-time and Sandwich)

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
  2. Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Education (PGDTE)

ii) The following Master’s Degree(MEd/MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree programmes are available in Sandwich programmes only in the institute of Education;

➛ Adult Education and Community Development

➛ Agricultural Education

➛ Business Education

➛ Curriculum and Instruction

➛ Educational Management

➛ Educational Technology

➛ Guidance and Counseling

➛ History and Policy Education

➛ Measurement and Evaluation

➛ Philosophy of Education

➛ Science Education

➛ Sociology of Education

➛ Technical Education

Hostel accommodation is available at an affordable cost for Sandwich Students.

C. Faculty of  Engineering

1. Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering

PGD Programme

Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (No Option)

M.Tech and PhD Programmes (with the following options)

➛ Environmental Engineering

➛ Farm Power and Machinery Engineering

➛ Soil and Water Engineering

➛ Farm Structures and Environmental Control Engineering

➛ Agricultural Products Processing Storage Engineering

2. Department of Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering

i.   PGD, M.Tech, PhD in Chemical Engineering

3. Department of Civil Engineering

PGD Programme in Civil Engineering

b) M.Tech, Programme in:

➛ Geotechnical Engineering

➛ Water Resources Engineering

4. Department of Electrical Engineering

PGD Programme in:

➛ Power Engineering Option

➛ Electronics Engineering Option

➛ MTech Programme in:

➛ Power Engineering Option

➛ Electronics Engineering Option

➛ Communications Engineering Option

PhD Programme in:

➛ Power Engineering Option

5. Department of Marine Engineering

  1. PGD Programme in Marine Engineering
  2. M. Tech, PhD programmes in:

➛ Marine Engineering (Power Plants) Option

➛ Naval Architecture and Ship Building Option

➛ Offshore and Subsea Engineering Option

6.       Department of Mechanical Engineering

PGD Programme in Mechanical Engineering

M. Tech, PhD programmes in:

➛ Thermo-Fluids Option

c) Master of Engineering Management (MEM) Programme

PhD in Thermo-Fluids Option

➛ Department of Petroleum Engineering

PGD, M. Tech, PhD in Petroleum Engineering


➛ Department of Architecture

MSc, PhD in Architecture

➛ Department of Estate Management

PGD, Estate Management

MSc, Real Estate

PhD, Estate Management

➛ Department of Urban and Regional Planning

PGD, MSc, MURP, PhD in Urban and Regional Planning

PGD, MSc in Transport Planning

➛ Department of Surveying and Geomatics

➛ PGDMSc, PhD in Surveying and Geomatics

E. Faculty of Law

PGD in the following areas:

➛ Petroleum and Environmental Law

➛ Land Law and Land Administration

➛ Labour Law and Industrial Relations➛ Customary Law and Practice

e) Master of Laws (LLM)

MA in Law and Diplomacy

PhD in Law, with the following options:

➛ International Law and Human Rights

➛ Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence

➛ Petroleum, Energy, Environmental and Natural Resources Law

➛ Property and Compensation Law

➛ International Trade Law and International Economic Law, including Globalisation

➛ Comparative Criminal Law and Penology

➛ Labour and Industrial Relations law

➛ Business, Commercial and Intellectual Property Law

➛ Customary, Family and Medical Law

F. Faculty of Management Sciences

a)    PGD in the following:

➛ Accountancy

➛ Banking and Finance

➛ Management

➛ Marketing

➛ Office and Information Management

➛ Supply Chain and Logistics Planning

➛ Transport Management

  1. Department of Accountancy MSc, PhD, MSc/PhD in the following areas:

➛ Accountancy

➛ Taxation

➛ Public Sector Accounting

  1. Department of Banking and Finance MSc, PhD, MSc/PhD in the following areas:

➛ Banking and Finance

➛ Quantitative Finance

➛ Corporate Finance

➛ Financial Markets

  1. Department of Management

M Sc, PhD, MSc/PhD in the following areas:

➛ Human Resources Management

➛ Industrial Relations

➛ Business Policy

➛ Organizational Behaviour

  1. Department of Marketing

➛ MSc, PhD, MSc/PhD in the following:

➛ Marketing

➛Supply Chain and Logistics

1. Department of Office and Information Management MSc, PhD, MSc/PhD in Office and Information Management

G. Faculty of Science

1) Department of Microbiology

PGD in the following areas:

➛ Microbiology

➛ Public Health

MSc, PhD in the following areas:

➛ Food Microbiology

➛ Industrial Microbiology

➛ Environmental Microbiology

➛ Public Health Microbiology

➛ Clinical/Pathogenic Microbiology

3. Department of Animal and Environmental Biology

PGD in the following areas: Animal and Environmental Biology

MSc, PhD in the following areas of Specialization:

➛ Applied Entomology

➛ Hydrobiology/Ecotoxicology

➛ Ecology/Environmental Biology

➛ Marine Biology and Marine Pollution Studies

4. Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology

PGD in Plant Science and Biotechnology

M Sc, Ph D in Plant Science and Biotechnology with specialization in:

➛ Plant Physiology and Biotechnology

➛ Plant Breeding

➛ Plant Ecology

➛ Cytogenetics

➛ Taxonomy and Systematic

➛ Plant Pathology

5. Department of Chemistry

PGD in Chemistry

MSc, PhD in Chemistry with the following options:

➛ Analytical Chemistry

➛ Environmental Chemistry

➛ Inorganic Chemistry

➛ Organic and Natural Products Chemistry

➛ Physical Chemistry

6. Department of Computer Science

PGD in Computer Science:

MSc, PhD in Computer Science

7. Department of Medical Laboratory Science

PGD, MSc, PhD, in Medical Laboratory Science with the following options:

➛ Medical Microbiology

➛ Chemical Pathology

➛ Hematology and Blood Transfusion Science

8. Department of Mathematics

PGD in Applied Statistics

MSc, PhD in the following areas:

➛ Applied Mathematics

➛Applied Statistics

9. Department of Physics

PGD, MSc, PhD in Physics with the following options:

  1. Theoretical Physics (Plasma Physics, Fluid Dynamics)
  2. Applied Geophysics

H. Faculty of Humanities

  1. Department of English Language and Literature in English

PGD, MA, PhD in English Language

PGD, MA, PhD in Literature in English

2. Department of French

PGD, MA, PhD in French

3. Department of History and International Diplomacy

PGD, MA, PhD in History and International Diplomacy

4. Department of Philosophy

PGD, MA, PhD in Philosophy

5. Department of Religious and Cultural Studies

PGD, MA, PhD in Religious and Cultural Studies

6. Department of Theatre Arts

a) PGD, MA, PhD in Theatre Arts

1. Department of Mass Communication

PGD, MSc, PhD in Development and Communication Studies

2. Department of Political Science

PGD, MSc in Local Government Administration

PGD, MSc in Public Administration

PGD, MSc in Peace, Conflict and Security Studies

3. Department of Psychology

PGD, MSc in Social Work and Gender Studies

4. Department of Economics

PGD, MSc, PhD in Economics

J. Institute of Geosciences and Space Technology

PGD in Environmental Management and Control

MEMC (Professional Masters) in Environmental Management and Control

MSc in Environmental Management and Control

PhD in Environmental Management and Control

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