How to Become Exam Expo Dealer (Reseller) In Nigeria

How to Become Exam Expo Dealer (Reseller) In Nigeria ,How to Become Exam Expo Dealer (Reseller) In Nigeria ,How to Become Exam Expo Dealer (Reseller) In Nigeria
How to Become Exam Expo Dealer (Reseller) In Nigeria ,How to Become Exam Expo Dealer (Reseller) In Nigeria ,How to Become Exam Expo Dealer (Reseller) In Nigeria 
How to Become Exam Expo Dealer (Reseller) In Nigeria,How to Become Exam Expo Dealer (Reseller) In Nigeria How to Become Exam Expo Dealer (Reseller) In Nigeria

For most, the decision to become a exams expo man (Expo Dealer) is a simple one. You either see it as a way to make money or you need the assistance as well but want to have get it from the righteous source.

First of all ,you need to decide what kind or Type of examinations assistance you want to resell or provide to your customers .

There are lot of exam assistance Website (Expo Website) out there but they are all reselling ,Meaning it either they connect with us or they have one or other source of getting what they provide .

You as a person , can sit at home and make good money while reselling our services to your customers (We sell to you in low price and you resell to your candidates at your own price) .

To become a Great Exam Assistance Provider, there are view things you need to have and understood .Because your candidate will ask questions on your service(s) before paying you...

"You can't give what you don't have, You must have the runs before planing to give it out

You need to know the basic, of getting started and needed materials .

Below are the Group of Must Have Materials

  • Android Phone / iPhone / iPad / Tablet.
  • Desktop /Laptop (Optional) .
  • Internet Browsers (Google Chrome) .
  • Internet Connection (at least of 3G).
  • Communication Applications (WhatsApp).
  • A Dedicated Phone Number .
  • A Website (Optional) .

Choose a reliable, trustworthy, and experienced Exam Assistance Provider  company .

: There are many exam assistance website out there ,But they all are resellers ,meaning  they buy from Large (Website) Organization like us and then redistributes /resell to their candidates

It is important that you choose the best Provider . This way you can provide your customers with excellent service, as We've said "You will get it first before any provider does and distribute to your subscribes .The Earlier the Best.


Make sure you read through all of the contract details, privacy policy, and terms and conditions before you purchase the package. Make sure that you will receive a large amount of profit for each sale. We will give you 100% of the sales, and this is what you probably looking for.


This includes making your partnership payment. With our reseller Package you will have full control of your candidates .


You may not need a website if you are providing the exam assistance to yourself ,Your friends ,students, Candidates , Schools or tutorial classes Students ETC.  BUT

If you want to Name(Brand ) and want to give the help to the Nigerian Candidate at large then you surely need a website  .

Website started with Webhosting, if you are a novice in website development don't worry we gat you covered ,our Some of Our Dealers Plan Includes free Webhosting and  Free Sub-Domain registration e.g(yoursite.uo.org) .

We provide a free sub-domain, eg Yourname.UO.ORG , for instance if your school name is progressive group of school. you can have a website named progressive.uo.org  . At  No Extra Fees .


Login and Request for Your custom registration page .

Custom Registration Page : Will be share among your candidates for they to register and pay you,If you don't want your candidates to know we powered you, you can request for a special Registration Page. E.g https://uo.org/progressive/register/?jupeb .,

Or You can give you candidate a One-Time-Password (OTP) ,Using this will make our service price come to Zero.  Payment for your registered users with your OTP will be bill on you.

Tip : Friends could contribute and buy a reseller Package ,which will help them get reduction in price .

You learnt the basic Step to become a successful expo dealer. Do you have interest in Joining Our Reseller Program ??

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