Universities Admission Pattern for all Nigerian Students See 2023 Update

Universities Admission Pattern for all Nigerian Students See 2023 Update ,Universities Admission Pattern for all Nigerian Students See 2023 Update ,Universities Admission Pattern for all Nigerian Students See 2023 Update
Universities Admission Pattern for all Nigerian Students See 2023 Update ,Universities Admission Pattern for all Nigerian Students See 2023 Update ,Universities Admission Pattern for all Nigerian Students See 2023 Update 
Universities Admission Pattern for all Nigerian Students See 2023 Update,Universities Admission Pattern for all Nigerian Students See 2023 Update Universities Admission Pattern for all Nigerian Students See 2023 Update

As one looking forward to getting into a tertiary institution, you must seek to know the university admission pattern, as it will help you greatly. Let’s get the details on how these Patterns will be conducted for the 2024/2025 session.

It is no news that the former Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission, NUC, Professor Peter Okebukola, ordered the scrapping of Post-UTME in all universities.

However, this will mean that  Universities will obviously go back to the previous agreement NUC had with the Vice-Chancellor in 2004 when it introduced Post-UTME which is to screen candidates using oral interviews as well as a written essay.

Admission Guide to All Tertiary Aspirants

Students seeking admission may have received a lifeline following a new set of guidelines by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

Following some truth as regards universities’ admission process, the board explained that the new guidelines for the admission process were made on its website following consultations with universities and other tertiary institutions that are functioning in the country.

Candidates who have written examinations, as well as direct entry, will also have to follow the admission process.  The board also made mentioned that universities would collect screening fees from candidates at the end of the admission process.

Most importantly, before a candidate can be screened, he/she must be given provisional admission by JAMB. Candidates can commence this process once the JAMB admission checker portal opens.

Also, the point system will entirely depend on the point tally of the candidate. This will now mean that  “JAMB’s provisional admission will take a slightly different turn this year.

Candidates’ points will be shared out evenly using the O’level and JAMB results to get fair competition for all. Any candidate who submits one result that contains his/her relevant subjects already has 10 points.

These exam results can be NECO, WAEC, or GCE, but any candidate who has sat for the same exams twice will only get two points. So, this means that Candidates with only one result are at an advantage.

Admission Grades

Candidates with more chances of gaining admission with better grades in their O’level should have a result like this: A – 6 marks, B – 4 marks, C – 3 marks.

In addition, Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) scores also have a way of putting you in a better position of gaining admission into the university.  

180 – 200 (or 20 – 23 marks), 200 – 250 (or 24 – 33 points), 251 – 300 (or 34 – 43), 300 – 400 (or 44 – 60 points) as well as five JAMB results per point will be how it will be calculated.

The admission board will make sure that a candidate with 180 – 185 gets 20 points, and a candidate with 186 – 190 gets 21 points.

More so, the point system for direct entry will be brought out soon just as there will be a fee attached to the screening as it as of now replaced post-UTME.

Universities Admission Pattern: How Admission will be Conducted by JAMB

If the proposed modality for admission by JAMB is to be adopted for 2024 admission screening, below is how it will be conducted.

1. Before an applicant is eligible for screening at the institution to which they have been provisionally admitted, JAMB must award that candidate admission.

This means that universities can only interview applicants who have been assigned to them by JAMB and who have been granted provisional admission to such universities.

2. Now, institutions will use a point system to determine which applicants to accept. The O-level grading system is the first pertinent system.

One O-level result candidate will have a higher probability of admission than candidates with two results. Two O-level results are worth three marks or points, but one 0-level result is worth ten.

A=6 marks, B=4 marks, and C=3 marks are the new equivalent points/marks for each grade, which means that getting better grades on your O-level results increases your chances of getting accepted.

Your UTME Score will be taken into consideration after the point system. Applicants will receive marks or points based on their scores in the ranges of 180–200=20–23, 200–250=24–33, 251-300=34–43, and 300–400=44–60. Your chances of being admitted are better the higher your score.

As a result, what was once known as institution cut-off marks will now be called institution cut-off points and will be determined after taking into account all of the aforementioned factors.

Important Things to Consider

3. JAMB provisional admission serves as a tool rather than an objective in and of itself. Thus, JAMB might grant a candidate temporary admission.

And because the applicant falls short of the prerequisites for the institution’s course, the candidate will still not be admitted.

For instance, if you received a UTME score of 260, JAMB would grant you temporary admission to study MBBS at UNIBEN.

If the screening yields fewer than the required 95 points for admission to your institution’s medical program, you will probably be turned down.

4. The number of applicants admitted will still be determined by the admission procedure taking into account elements like catchment area and ELDS (Educationally Less Developed States). Admission is 45% by merit, 35% by catchment region, and 20% by ELDS.

The ratio of science to arts will still be a problem. The ratio of science to the arts will be 60:40 for universities and 70:30 for polytechnics.

However, it will be exclusively relevant to their area of expertise for universities with a focus on technology, science, agriculture, etc. Moreover, UTME participants will receive 90% of admissions while Direct Entry applicants would receive 10%.

5. Schools are still free to set their own fees for candidate screening. The Board did not, however, specify a price that institutions must charge for this.


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  • Microsoft Nigeria Recruitment
  • NDLEA Recruitment Portal

Universities Admission Pattern: How to Check if you are Eligible for Admission

Here is how the 2024/2025 Admission Screening will be calculated;

Step 1 – Number of sittings for O’Level

1) One Sitting = 10 marks

2) Two Sittings = 3marks

Total marks obtainable = 10marks

Step 2 – O’Level Results Grading from 5 subjects

A (A1) = 6marks

B (B2, B3) = 4marks

C (C4, C5, C6) = 3marks

Total marks obtainable = 30marks

Step 3 – JAMB UTME Score Grades

Check the image below for your grade score

Total marks obtainable = 60marks

So start calculating your score now.

It is important that you know everything about your admission process, so you don’t get left out or miss out on what others are doing.

If you went through this article, you will know how important the Universities admission process is, hence, you should be particular about not trivializing it. 

UTME.com Team.

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